Wild Prayer Retreat is an Annual Prayer Retreat conducted after Independence Day (9thOctober) Celebrations of Uganda. Wild Prayer Retreat 2021 will take place from11th to 13th October 2021 from 10:00am_4:00pm respectively in Murchison Falls National Park. It is intended to bring together a delegation of about 50 members from United States of America, Canada and other parts of the world headed by Pr. Dr. Larita Rice-Barnes of Global Impact Leadership Alliance based in the US and will be joined by Prayer Masters and Mistresses in Uganda, members from the central government, diplomatic corps, CSOs, local government and many more. This 2021 prayer retreat shall comprise of 150 members from the shared categories o f people immersing in a number of activities not limited to Praying, Counseling, Life skills facilitation but also out do or gaming activities like game drives, back packing, hiking, boat cruise, river rafting, and sailing to accomplish goals in the life of the participants gaining an appreciation of nature, learning how to work together in a group, and developing an overcoming attitude to ward life.


  • To reconnect with God and to have an opportunity to fill ourselves backup by emulating Christ where by throughout the Gospels, Christ periodically took time to step away from the usual world to immense Himself in a prayer.
  • To foster relationships centered on Christ to full change and reflect on our lives, nature our spirits through spiritual sharing, talks, the sacraments and messy games.
  • To create chance to step of our normal or daily routine and live on God’s time, consecrating every moment to Him while focusing on the deep conversations with God’s time(Kairos).




  1. Intensive praying, Counselling & Meditations
  2. Life Skills and Bible study sessions
  3. Parenting and Marital Facilitation sessions
  4. Meet & Greet sessions
  5. Excursions and Safari programs
  6. Fundraising and donation campaigns
  7. Entertainment and gaming sessions
  8. Goat and bull roasting
  9. Camp fires